Samuel C. Spevack
PhD Student in Cognitive and Information Sciences
University of California, Merced
About Me
My name is Samuel Spevack. I am currently working towards a PhD in Cognitive and Information Sciences at the University of California, Merced. My adviser is Michael Spivey. I also work closely with Teenie MatlockCarolyn Dicey Jennings, and Stephanie Shih

Key Interests and Methods: Language, Culture, and Attention; Bilingualism; Cognitive Variation across Individuals and Cultures; Eye-Tracking; Mouse-Tracking; Behavioral Experiments, Neural Networks, Computational Linguistics

Overall Research Agenda
My overarching research agenda is to understand the interaction of language, culture, and attention. Everyday, we use language, interact with other people, and navigate our environment. In doing these tasks, we must attend to certain aspects of our environment, while ignoring other aspects. Our eyes will move along with the words we speak and we will look at objects in our environment as we interact with them. The specific ways in which we attend to our environment change with language and culture. In order to understand the exact ways in which culture and language modulate attention, I employ a variety of methods and theories spanning linguistics, anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence.

Some Current Projects
The Cognitive Benefits of Bilingualism

Attentional Differences between Japan and the United States

Phonological and Semantic Constraints in Binomial NP Business Names

Academic Placement Data and Analysis